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Dan Traub

Dan Traub
Writer and Director


Dan Traub's dynamic and diverse career has spanned music, songwriting, stage, television, screenwriting and film. His wide range of talents makes Dan one of the most multi-media and talented artists of our time.

The Music Years

Born in 1960 in Encino, California, Dan was introduced to music at a young age. In his mid-teens, he started writing songs for his first original band. Like almost every person of his generation, He grew up watching movies and listening to great hard rock music. He has penned and recorded more than two-hundred original songs.

Dan's music talents include electric and acoustic guitars, specializing in slide, bass, singing, and composing. His exposure to music led him to the world of acting and screenwriting, initially performing in community theater shows and student films. This path continued, leading him to directing theatre and film. Dan Traub is member or the Screen’s Actor Guild (SAG) and Film Independent (FIND) organization. He has performed as an actor both on stage and on screen. He has appeared in plays such as "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "Othello", and Neil Simon's "Plaza Suite". Dan has been an artist all his life.

Dreamkeeper Films

In 1997, acting coach and mentor Eric Morris encouraged him to write a screenplay documenting experience in the music business. Entitled "Emerald City," this feature-film project is now in the pre-production phase. That being an ambitious project with a huge budget need, the Documentary “Heroes of an American Town was conceived by Dan and Sylvie, his wife and partner, while they were on a road trip and happened upon the B-17 Monument in the California town of Tulare. This first feature, a 128-minute documentary written directed and presented by Dan Traub, was screened at the Tulare Film Festival on 9/22/06 to rave print reviews in the Tulare Advance Register. This documentary feature had opened the door for Dan as a writer-director-actor, and also features his own original music, co-written and recorded by film editor Mike Bedik.. Since then Dan has directed and shot a music concert documentary for the Layne Staley Fund (Staley - the late Alice in Chains singer) in August, 2006, in Seattle, WA.