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Mike Bedik

Mike Bedik
Editor, Composer, Second Unit and Special Effects Director

Mike Bedik has enjoyed a successful career as a musician/composer. He has had his original songs and music paced on T.V. shows such as Melrose Place, and The 1997 Winter Olympics. He was signed to N2K records, distributed by Sony Red. He has worked with big-league industry players such as Phil Ramone, Elliot Scheiner, Rob Cavallo, and Jai Windig. Mike has had many record deals and development deals over the years.

While working in the music industry, Mike was involved in the film industry, being a member of IATSE Local 44, doing special effects and props. He worked on many major features such as Hook, Three Men and a Lady, and shows including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cheers, and The Arsenio Hall Show.

In 2002, Mike relocated from his native Los Angeles to Las Vegas, in order to accept an offer to become the Director/ Director of Photography and In-House Music Composer at eVital Communications, which offers full in-house video production for online streaming. To date, Mike has over thirty full-length e-Vital projects to his credit. He also freelances in film and video production and post-production, having completed projects for New Line Cinema, and major Las Vegas casinos, as well as top entertainers working the strip.

In May of 2006 Mike became part of the Dreamkeeper Films team, by coming aboard as Special Effects Director, for the feature documentary Heroes of an American Town director Dan Traub an old friend and band-mate. Mike was especially helpful in shooting some tricky chroma-key special effects scenes, with Tulare’s B-17 as a background. Dan says “we had tried, three times, unsuccessfully, to shoot that soliloquy on location at the B-17, but the background freeway noise was too much. Mike saved the day by shooting it in front of the green screen.” Mike was also persuaded to co-compose and perform the original music in the film, with Dan. The next day the editor of the film quit, and Mike saved the day by volunteering to edit the two-hour plus film in his home studio. On September 27th, 2006, the town of Tulare , CA, was treated to a screening about their town and its heroes, selling out the Galaxy Theater. On November 22nd, 2006 the DVD was released by Dreamkeeper on home video DVD.

Mike continues to work with Dreamkeeper Films on forthcoming projects, including the documentary “SEEDS: The Phenomenon of The Seattle Sound”. He is also actively involved his musical career, recording and performing with his original band “The Ghosts of Highway 61.”