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Original Documentary Films

WWII: The Last Storyteller Series | PURCHASE DVD

Foresaken LegionForsaken Legion: The Defenders of the Philippines in WWII This documentary feature film includes incredible stories of survival and hardship. Writer-director Dan Traub interviews American and Filipino P.O.W.s who had no alternative but to surrender to the Japanese in April of 1942 on the Bataan Peninsula, in the Philippines, and on May 6th, from the Island of Corregidor. What followed was years of enslavement at forced labor camps. Many died. Incredibly, no reparations or compensation were ever paid to these men, neither by the Japanese or the American government. The film is also a story of courage, determination, incredible strength and hope. Includes the Bataan Death March survivors. Projected release date: March 2010.

WWII Veterans of Ventura County.In writer-director Dan Traub's backyard of Ventura County, California, "Greatest Generation" veterans who served in WWII are interviewed. Includes D-Day veteran Bill True, who paratrooped behind enemy lines on his very first mission, June 5th, 1944.. Features Camarillo's R.T. Lee, who was briefly with the Tuskegee Airmen before being transferred to Burma, where he "flew the hump" for the rest of the war in a C-47. Features "Women in War," including Army WASPS, WACS and also the courageous WAFs, who piloted war planes for delivery to the battlefield. Also features contemporary veterans and service people who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, commenting on the legacy of WWII veterans. Projected release: June 2010 --52 minutes.

Bob Mathias: Hometown Hero | 2008: 52 minutes | PURCHASE DVD

Bob Mathias: Hometown HeroWe re all familiar with A-Rod, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. In Bob Mathias: Hometown Hero, you'll be thrilled by this little-known story of Bob Mathias, one of the huge sports icons of his day. Winning the Olympic Gold Medal for the United States in 1948 at the age of seventeen, and again in 1952, Mathias, who would have tried out for the 1956 games but was barred by the Olympic committee because he starred in a biographical movie, playing himself, went on to become a well-known actor, then a U.S. Congressman. In this fifty- two minute documentary we go to Mathias hometown of Tulare, California to trace his story, and we also go to nearby Fresno to interview Mathias (his last interview ever given before his death in 2006). Bob Mathias was a true American Hero who tried to make a difference. In Bob Mathias: Hometown Hero, his story is now told, also with additional commentary by those who knew him, including author and sportscaster Chris Terrence.

Heroes of an American Town | 2006: 128 Minutes | PURCHASE DVD

Heroes of An American TownThe documentary feature Heroes of an American Town features interviews with WWII veterans, native to the small town of Tulare, California. It tells the story of Four-Star General Maurice A. Preston, who in WWII commanded the 379th Bomb group, flying the B-17. In 1958 Preston flew a B-17 to his home of Tulare, CA, where it became a monument called the Preston's Pride,and still stands there.. Another of Tulare's heroes is highly decorated WWII Veteran Manuel Toledo , who was nearly mortally wounded in Leyte, Philippines during General Douglas MacArthur's re-taking of the Philippines. Also featured is Olympic Gold Medalist Bob Mathias, who won the Gold medal in 1948 for the decathlon at the age of seventeen, winning again in 1958. The film features Mathias' last interview, which he gave with director Dan Traub before his death in September of 2006. The film features an original soundtrack written and performed by director Dan Traub and editor Mike Bedik.

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