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Sylvie Lariviere-Traub

Sylvie Lariviere-Traub
President/Executive Producer


Born in Montreal, Canada, Sylvie started her career in the film industry at the National Film Board of Canada, working in different areas of the film industry for seven years, where she had the opportunity to learn about film production. At that time, Sylvie was part the team that launched the first Canadian Captioning Center for the Deaf. Ms. Larivière also was a freelance journalist, specialized in various subjects.

The Business Years

Through the 1990’s, Sylvie has been involved in start-up businesses, and served as Executive Vice-President of InterQuest and later IQ Biometrix. She was instrumental in bringing John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted” on the Board of Interquest, and as the official spokesperson. Later, she served as Executive Vice-President of Faceprint Global Solutions and had the opportunity to negotiate a major business partnership with Fox Licensing and Merchandizing. While serving as EVP of these companies, these companies became publicly trading companies (Nasdaq), Sylvie was the company's key contact for business development and the driving force behind all sales and marketing.

Sylvie moved to California in 2001, and continued performing in business, when she met her partner and husband, Dan Traub. For her achievement in business, Sylvie was honored with four awards of excellence. After only one year in the United States, one year later, in 2002, she has been named "Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year". Upon receiving the 2002 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Sylvie was also the recipient of two coveted Special Congressional Recognition Certificates, awarded annually by the U.S. Congress . Special Congressional Recognition was given to Sylvie for her “outstanding and invaluable service to the community” through her work with the breakthrough crime-fighting facial imagery software known as “FACES”, The Ultimate Composite Picture. She also received an award of excellence by the California State Assembly for her “hard work and dedication” and in recognition of being selected Entrepreneur of the Year.

Dreamkeeper Films

After a very successful career in business, and having received these four awards of excellence, Sylvie decided to go back to her first passion, filmmaking, and started a new venture with her husband Dan. Sylvie co-founded Dreamkeeper Films, Inc. with him in 2005 . Their first feature documentary, “Heroes of an American Town,” was conceived by Dan and Sylvie while they were on a road trip and happened upon the B-17 Monument in the California town of Tulare. The 128-minute documentary, written directed and presented by Dan Traub, was screened at the Tulare Film Festival on 9/22/06 to rave print reviews in the Tulare Advance Register. The film has opened the door for Sylvie as a film producer, and since then she has produced a music concert documentary for the Layne Staley Fund ( Staley - the late Alice in Chains singer), which Dan directed and shot in August, 2006 in Seattle, Washington.

Sylvie brings to Dreamkeeper Films all her years of experience in business with strong managerial skills and knowledge of the worldwide market. She has been recognized as an expert in international marketing.

Sylvie has a College degree in History and a Bachelor's Degree in French Literature from the University of Montreal. She also was awarded a special recognition by the Canadian Government, Ministry of Commerce, in International Marketing.